Student Financial Aid

Financial Aid Award Guide 2015-2016

2015-2016 Estimated Average Expenses

The following are estimated average expenses for 2015-2016 and represent the budgets used for determining financial aid eligibility. These expenses reflect attendance on a full-time basis (12 hours or more) for a two semester standard academic year at The Ohio State University.

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Columbus Campus Undergraduates
Estimated Expense
(2 Semester Budget)
with Relatives
On or Off Campus
Ohio Resident Non-Resident
Tuition and Fees 10,010 10,010 27,336
Books and Supplies 1,234 1,234 1,234
Room and Board   11,706 11,706
Maintenance at Home 3,824    
Miscellaneous/Personal 5,076 2,602 2,970
Total 20,144 25,552 43,246

Calculating Semester Expenses

To find the cost of one semester of attendance, divide the costs by two. For example, if you plan to attend one semester and you are an undergraduate student, divide $25,552 by two (2) = $12,776. This example is based on Ohio resident living off campus.


First File the FAFSA