Student Financial Aid

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Home page - get the latest news alerts

Buckeye Link - view your award status on your Student Center

Award Guide - how to read your award letter and more



How Financial Aid Works - how will you pay for your college education?

How To Apply for Financial Aid - details the application requirements and process

Financial Aid Step-by-Step - the application process and what you need to do in order to finalize your aid

How To Keep Your Financial Aid Award - how to maintain eligibility and what happens when you do not

Applications and Forms - references to aid applications and related forms

  • Applications - includes scholarship and loan application forms
  • Forms - includes eligibility verification, appeal, and report your changes forms

Debt Management - controlling your loan debts and credit cards


Grants - awarded by the government or university to undergraduates with the most need

Federal Work-Study / Student Employment - get a need-based or private student job

Loans - help bridge the gap between personal resources and the expense of college

Scholarships - variety of assistance based upon academic merit and other eligibility criteria


First File the FAFSA