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Student Employment Opportunities

In addition to the Federal Work-Study Program, this office also maintains an online posting of both on-campus and off-campus job opportunities as a service to students and employers. Choose one of the options below to view the student employment positions we currently have posted. If you are an employer wishing to post a job with us, please see our posting instructions.

Check back frequently—postings change daily!

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The posting of any job opening on this web site does not constitute endorsement by The Ohio State University. Student Financial Aid has not screened any of the employers who have jobs posted on this service and cannot vouch for their legitimacy. It is up to you to exercise caution and common sense in your job search. Protect yourself!

On-Campus Jobs

Working on campus is a great option because university employers are often more flexible about scheduling your work hours around your class schedule, and transportation and travel time are seldom a problem.

Ohio State departments employ students in all sorts of jobs. Students work as intramural sports referees, library assistants, aerobics monitors, veterinary or medical assistants, and in clerical and administrative positions all over campus.

Off-Campus Jobs

Located less than two miles from campus, downtown Columbus holds numerous employment possibilities for students. A 15-minute bus ride can take you to the heart of the city, where you'll find Ohio government offices and many insurance companies, banks, and retail employers. Other areas around Columbus are also easily accessible by car or bus.

If you are looking for competitive pay rates, the chance to develop business contacts, or to get "real-world" experience, you may want to pursue an off-campus position.

Other University Employment Opportunities

More than 800 students work each term in dining commons food service and residence hall office services. While preference is given to students residing in the residence halls, all students are encouraged to apply for positions. Depending on your choice of positions, you should contact a dining commons manager (food service) or a residence halls area office. Get contact information online from University Residences and Dining Services.

The Ohio Union also provides you with a good source of employment opportunities. Positions are available in food service, computer programming, maintenance, recreation, audio/video services, housekeeping, and graphic art. If interested, visit the Ohio Union online for additional information.

Individual academic departments sometimes hire students for seasonal or research positions. You should check with individual departments about available positions. Also check out jobs available in the Ohio State libraries and Recreational Sports (RPAC).

Other Columbus Area Employment Opportunities

Businesses in the campus area hire a large number of students on a part-time basis. Shortly before the beginning of each semester - especially autumn - is the best time to find these positions. Watch the classified ads in the Lantern or just walk into the business establishments to inquire about available positions.

The classified ads in The Columbus Dispatch are a standard source for employment prospects. Because the local newspaper's Help Wanted Section does not specialize in student employment you may find it useful both during your college career and in finding permanent, full-time employment.

Other Student Employment Opportunities

More student employment opportunities at any university may be found at

Links to other job search sites does not constitute endorsement by The Ohio State University. Student Financial Aid cannot vouch for their usefulness or legitimacy. It is up to you to exercise caution and common sense in your job search. Protect yourself!


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