Forms, applications and required documentation can be securely submitted to Ohio State using the Document Uploader tool​ or can be mailed to:
The Ohio State University
Student Financial Aid
PO Box 183029
Columbus, OH  43218-3029​
​ ​ ​

Verification forms

You will be notified by email which verification forms you are required to submit​.​​
Parent/Family Forms ​(2016-2017)
Parent SSN Confirmation
Father's SSN Confirmation
​​​Mother's SSN Confirmation
​​Parent 1 SSN Confirmation
Parent 2 SSN Confirmation
Parent Non-Support Statements
Dependent Student and Parent ​Verification​​

​Student Forms (2016-2017)
​​​Student SSN Confirmation
​​​Independent Student Verification
Asset Clarification
Citizenship Status
​Drug Conviction Resolution​
​​Health Professions Verification Form​​
​​​Non-degree Program Certification (Extended Education)​
​Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose
​​Permanent Disability
​​​Qualifying Veteran
High School Completion Status
​Unusual Enrollment History​
Graduate Student Forms (2016-2017)​
Graduate Non-Degre​e Program​
Graduate Assistance​​​

Financial aid applications and forms

Forms (2016-2017)​
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Federal Direct Parent PLUS Application​
​​Short-Term University Assistance
(Contact the Student Service Center)​
​Long-term University Loan
​(Contact the Student Service Center)
(Student ID required)​
Consortium Agreement​