Student Financial Aid

Applications and Forms


Scholarship Applications and Instructions

Application for Special Scholarships
All students may complete this application to apply for special eligibility scholarships, academic-based-only scholarships, and/or Cooperative Scholarship Housing.


Office of Minority Affairs Scholarships
The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) sponsors the following recruitment programs designed to help students enroll at Ohio State: The Freshman Foundation Program (FFP), the Morrill Scholars Program (MSP), and the Young Scholars Program (YSP). See their website for application details.

University Loan Applications

For details about Short Term University Assistance click here...

Long-Term University Loan Application University Loan application

Complete this application to apply for a long-term loan up to $1000 per year with repayment after graduation.

A financial aid staff member must give approval before you can be considered for this loan. Print and complete the form. Then bring it to the Student Service Center for approval prior to submitting:
First Floor Student Academic Services Building
281 West Lane Avenue
Columbus, Ohio

PLUS Application (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students) PLUS Loan application

Complete this loan form to obtain a parent loan. For more information on PLUS Loans, see

Grad PLUS Application (PLUS Loan for Graduate and Graduate/Professional Students) Graduate PLUS application

Complete this loan form to obtain a Graduate PLUS loan. For more information on Graduate PLUS loan, see


First File the FAFSA