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Consortium Agreement

If you need to take classes at another institution and plan to transfer the credit back to Ohio State as part of your degree program, you may submit a Consortium Agreement between Ohio State and the other institution. Please read the following information carefully to find out more about these agreements.

  1. The Consortium Agreement Form must be completed and submitted to the Student Service Center (SSC) or the Financial Aid office at your regional campus by the first Friday of the consortium term. This form must be complete when submitted. If all sections are not completed with appropriate certifications and signatures, your Consortium agreement will be pending and could cause a delay with processing and disbursing your financial aid.

  2. You must be degree seeking at Ohio State during the consortium term and coursework taken under a Consortium Agreement MUST fulfill the degree requirements at OSU. Remedial coursework; regardless of whether it is required; cannot be taken at another school under a Consortium agreement. You must have your academic advisor/college office sign to verify that the courses you plan to take while under consortium are required to fulfill your degree requirements. An agreement WILL NOT be processed for any courses not approved by your OSU academic advisor. Section II of the Consortium Agreement Form is designated for your academic advisor’s verification and signature.

  3. You cannot receive aid from more than one institution during the consortium term. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the host institution understands that you are a student at OSU and they should not process any federal or state financial aid for you.

  4. A new agreement will not be processed if the student fails to meet the requirements of a previously processed agreement. Therefore, after completing the consortium term, you must request an academic transcript from the host school to be sent to Ohio State Registrar’s office. The transcript must reflect that all courses listed on the Consortium agreement have been completed with a successful grade notation. Failing grades or courses that were dropped during the consortium term will cause a denial of future agreements.

  5. In most cases, if you are newly admitted to OSU and this is your first semester of attendance; a consortium agreement will not be processed. Also, special permission from your college office must be obtained if the agreement covers your term of graduation. A notice of approval on department letterhead must accompany the Consortium agreement for graduating seniors.

  6. Ohio State will disburse all aid according to the Ohio State disbursement schedule ONLY. Therefore, the student should make arrangements to pay by the fee payment deadlines at each institution.

  7. The Consortium Agreement Form is only valid for the dates of the agreement indicated by the participating institutions. Consortium agreements are limited to three (3) semesters. The maximum terms will be determined based on the number of prior consortiums beginning with Autumn 2013.

  8. The student must notify both institutions if they drop or withdraw from any or all of their courses. The financial aid award is based on enrollment which will be verified and monitored throughout the term as well as after the term has ended. If adjustments are made to the original course schedule provided on the Consortium agreement, financial aid may be adjusted which could cause a balance due at one or both institutions.

  9. The host school must be an approved Title IV institution; meaning they have a federal Title IV school code and are eligible to process federal financial aid. School eligibility status can be verified online at

If you have questions regarding your agreement, contact our office at (614) 292-0300 or your Regional Campus or ATI financial aid offices.


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