Student Financial Aid


Institutional Grant Programs

Scarlet and Gray Grant

The Scarlet and Gray Grant is university-funded grant assistance that is awarded to Columbus campus undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need and are in good academic standing. To receive a Scarlet and Gray Grant, students must file a FAFSA by the priority date.

Freshman Foundation Program (FFP)

The Freshman Foundation Program offers need-based grants to undergraduate students on the Columbus campus. Eligibility is determined on the basis of financial need as established by federal guidelines, and on academic and leadership credentials, race/ethnic/tribal background, county of residence, potential first-generation college graduate, and other factors. To receive FFP, students must file a FAFSA by the priority date.

Application Process

To apply for the Scarlet and Gray Grant or FFP (a student cannot receive both) you must:

  • complete the FAFSA by the priority date.
  • list The Ohio State University code (#003090) on the FAFSA.

How much will I receive?

The amount is evaluated and determined every academic year.

What do I need to do to keep my award?

Students may receive the Scarlet and Gray Grant or FFP for the awarded terms as long as they maintain full-time enrollment at the Columbus campus, meet all eligibility criteria, including SAP, for receipt of institutional aid. Please note that:

  • if your FAFSA information changes as a result of verification, your award may change.
  • you are no longer eligible for the Scarlet and Gray Grant/FFP once you have earned your first bachelor’s degree.
  • you can receive a maximum of 8 semesters of funding from the Scarlet and Gray Grant or FFP.


First File the FAFSA