Student job board employers

​Welcome to the Student Job Board!  Below are instructions for employers on how to post a job and some things to keep in mind when using this free service.

  • The job board is for current students only who need part time/seasonal employment while in school. For information on how to set up an internship for credit, co-op opportunities, or wish to recruit recent graduates, please start by reviewing the resources on Buckeye Careers.

  • This job board mainly is for non-Federal Work-Study positions. Ohio State departments may cross-post Workday regular wage, and hybrid wage/FWS student positions on this job board. However, because not all students are FWS eligible, please do not post Workday FWS-only positions on this particular job board.  

  • Please note, we do not provide direct employment services for our students. Students will follow the instructions you provide to them on the job post in order to apply.

  • Once you have submitted a job to our job board, please allow 2 to 4 business days for us to review the posting. Once reviewed you will be sent an email letting you know if the posting was approved. 

  • Some common reasons for denial: Job is intended for alumni, missing or unclear information, the job is a full-time permanent position, commission only, or could not be reasonably performed while also taking classes on any of our physical campuses. 

  • Job postings will expire in 30 days. If you wish to remove a job prior to the 30 day expiration date please email and we will remove the posting within 2 to 4 business days.

  • Student Financial Aid does not screen or review the background or qualifications of potential student employees. By posting to the student job board, employers acknowledge that they are solely responsible for all decisions, obligations and duties relating to employment and agree that neither The Ohio State University nor Student Financial Aid shall be responsible for the actions or omissions of any student employee.

Student Financial Aid reserves the right to refuse any job that appears to be inappropriate in nature or to discriminate against applicants based on race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, handicap, marital status or veteran status. 

Furthermore, jobs that are commission/quota based and those jobs that require use of a student's social media profile will not be posted. Due to an increase in phishing scams and other conditions under which student information and/or labor could be exploited, we reserve the right to deny postings for any additional reason deemed appropriate by the university. ​