Job board access and search troubleshooting

Problem: The system won't let me log in using my Ohio State username and password.

Solution: You will only be allowed to access the system if you have accepted your Federal Work-Study award. If you can't log in, check My Buckeye Link, to be sure that you have been awarded and have accepted Federal Work-Study, that you are not on Suspension Status for Satisfactory Academic Progress​, and that you have no outstanding financial aid verification To Do List items.

If you know you are meeting all eligibility requirements, you may simply have logged in and out of Ohio State based systems too many times in one hour.  A security feature may be blocking your access. Try waiting one hour, then attempt to log in again, or try a different browser. 

There are step-by-step log in instructions included in the How To Print a Job Referral Form​ tutorial.  Following the step-by-step seems to help many students resolved access issues on their own.

Problem: I changed my password, but I have forgotten it.

Solution: For help with password or login issues, c​​ontact the IT Service Desk by dialing 8-HELP (on campus), 614-688-HELP or Once a password has been updated, please allow 24-48 hours to gain access to the job board.

Problem: Every time I log in to the system using my Ohio State username and password, the system returns me to the login page.

Solution: Your browser is probably not set to accept cookies. This job site keeps track of when you log in by storing a "cookie" file on your PC. Whenever you go to a new page, it checks that cookie to be sure it is still you making the request. Either set your browser to accept cookies, delete your current cookies or try a different browser.

Problem: I have set my browser to accept cookies as directed above but the system still returns me to the login page.

Solution: Check your computer's clock. If the clock's a.m./p.m. setting is not correct (i.e., your computer shows it is 2 a.m. when it is really 2 p.m.) our system's server will assume you have been logged in for 12 hours and log you back out. Set your computer's clock to the correct a.m./p.m. setting. You can also try deleting your current cookies or try a different browser.

Problem: When I enter search criteria and click on "Search," no jobs meeting my criteria are displayed.

Solution: Your search criteria may be too specific. Try entering only one or two criteria (e.g. Location and Position Type) to get a wider selection. If you have the exact job number, it works best to enter ONLY the job number in the Job ID field. To delete any search criteria you have previously entered, click the "Reset" button.