Job board access and search troubleshooting

General Workday employment application questions 

Please check the Workday Application FAQ.

When I login to my profile in Workday, I cannot access the job board. 

Only active students can access the Workday job board as an Internal Applicant and apply for student positions. If you are an active student, but cannot access the job board, please contact for assistance.  If you are not sure if you are an active student, please contact

I applied for a work-study position, but was told I am not eligible.  What does this mean? 

You may not be work-study eligible, and cannot be considered for work-study only positions.  When you apply for positions, a FWS Eligibility indicator will be on your application.  This is how recruiters and hiring managers will know if you are work-study eligible.  This indicator updates daily.

To check eligibility, login to your financial aid section of  My Buckeye Link:

If you had an eligibility issue, but it has been resolved, it may take 24-48 hours for the FWS Eligibility indicator to display to recruiters as eligible again.  Communicate this to the recruiter who reached out to you.

If you have questions about your eligibility, reach out to us at

I changed my password, but I have forgotten it.

For help with password issues, start by reviewing the information at Additional IT support can be found at the IT Service Desk.

Once a password has been updated, please allow 24-48 hours to gain access to Workday.

Every time I log in to the system using my Ohio State username and password, the system returns me to the login page.

This can occur if you have logged in and out of Ohio State based systems too many times in one hour.  A security feature may be blocking your access. Try waiting one hour, then attempt to log in again, or try a different browser.

This can also occur if your browser is not set to accept cookies. This job site keeps track of when you log in by storing a "cookie" file on your PC. Whenever you go to a new page, it checks that cookie to be sure it is still you making the request. Either set your browser to accept cookies, delete your current cookies or try a different browser.

When I enter search criteria and click on "Search," no jobs meeting my criteria are displayed.

Your search criteria may be too specific. Try entering just one keyword, or one Category item.   

If you are looking up a job post using the requisition number, but it’s not coming up, double check your location settings.  Searching for a position that doesn’t match your location will filter those opportunities out of your results.