​While at The Ohio State University, it is important that you always keep track of your debt levels. There are several tools available to you to help you manage your debt.

Budget Planning Worksheet

While you are in school, maintaining and sticking to a budget is key to your financial wellness. Make a budget.

Student Job Board

If you need extra cash while in school, consider a part-time job. Student Financial Aid monitors a job board that lists on-campus and off-campus jobs. Many of these jobs offer flexible schedules that will fit with any class schedule. View the job board.

Scarlet and Gray Financial

This program offers free and confidential one-on-one​ peer financial coaching to students. Peer coaches are extensively trained through Scarlet and Gray's Leadership and Peer Coach Development Programs. Get more information.

Don't over-borrow

Only take loans that you NEED -- your future self will thank you! Just because a financial aid loan is offered to you doesn't mean taking the loan is the best decision for you. Be sure you fully understand the terms of your loans.