Forms, applications and required documentation can be securely submitted to Ohio State using the Document Uploader tool or can be mailed to:
The Ohio State University
Buckeye Link
PO Box 183029
Columbus, OH  43218-3029
Note: Do not submit forms or any supporting documentation via email.

Verification forms

You will be notified by email which verification forms you are required to submit.

Parent/Family Forms (2018-2019)Parent/Family Forms (2019-2020)
Parent SSN ConfirmationParent SSN Confirmation
Father's SSN ConfirmationFather's SSN Confirmation
Mother's SSN ConfirmationMother's SSN Confirmation
Parent 1 SSN ConfirmationParent 1 SSN Confirmation
Parent 2 SSN ConfirmationParent 2 SSN Confirmation
Parent Tax Filer Parent Tax Filer
Parent Non-Tax FilerParent Non-Tax Filer
Dependent Student and Parent VerificationDependent Student and Parent Verification
Instructions for Parent Non-Tax FilersInstructions for Parent Non-Tax Filers
Student Forms (2018-2019)Student Forms (2019-2020)
Student SSN ConfirmationStudent SSN Confirmation
Independent Student VerificationIndependent Student Verification
Citizenship StatusCitizenship Status
Drug Conviction ResolutionDrug Conviction Resolution
Health Professions Verification FormHealth Professions Verification Form
Non-degree Program Certification (Extended Education)Non-degree Program Certification (Extended Education)
Identity and Statement of Educational PurposeIdentity and Statement of Educational Purpose
Permanent DisabilityPermanent Disability
Qualifying VeteranQualifying Veteran
High School Completion StatusHigh School Completion Status
Unusual Enrollment HistoryUnusual Enrollment History
Review of Special CircumstancesReview of Special Circumstances
Student Tax FilerStudent Tax Filer
Student Non-Tax FilerStudent Non-Tax Filer
Selective ServiceSelective Service
Instructions for Student Non-tax FilersInstructions for Student Non-tax Filers
2019-2020 Graduate Student Forms  (2018-2019 form is no longer available)
Graduate Non-Degree Program

Appeal forms

2019-2020 Forms (2018-2019 forms are no longer available)
Cost of Attendance Appeal
Request for Review of Dependency
Expected Family Contribution Appeal
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal

Scholarship Appeal (Self-Correct)

Scholarship Appeal (Extenuating Circumstance)

Financial aid applications and forms

2019-2020 Forms  (2018-2019 forms are no longer available)
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Federal Direct Parent PLUS Application
Short-Term University Assistance
(Contact Buckeye Link at 614-292-0300 or
Long-term University Loan
(Contact Buckeye Link at 614-292-0300 or
To decline or reduce awarded aid
(Contact Buckeye Link at 614-292-0300 or
Consortium Agreement