​If you are approved for a private loan it will appear on your Award Summary.

  1. ​Go to buckeyelink.osu.edu, and click Financial Aid.

  2. Click the My Financial Aid task and log in to My Buckeye Link with your Ohio State username and password.

  3. Select the appropriate aid year and click the Award Summary tab at the top. This tab will display all aid that you have been awarded for that specific academic year.

  4. Click Accept/Decline Awards and select from the options listed to accept or decline your awards.​

Be aw​​​are:

  • If you are attending non-consecutive semesters, you will need to apply for a loan EACH SEMESTER.

  • Once processed, only reductions and cancellations can be made. To make a change, please email Student Financial Aid Alternative Loans.

  • Students who want to cancel a disbursement of a private loan or cancel the loan entirely MUST submit a written request to Student Financial Aid Alternative Loans The borrower must also notify the lender of the intent to cancel funds.