Many colleges and departments have their own scholarship applications​​ that can be completed in addition to the Special Scholarships Application​ and the FAFSA​.  Regional Campus students should contact their home campus​ regarding additional scholarship resources.

​De​partmental and College Scholarship Applications

​Alumni Association
Alumni Scholars Program

​​Architecture (Knowlton School of)
Knowlton School of Architecture​
​Arts and Sciences (College of) 
​Bio Life SciencesJournalism and Communication
Chemistry and Biochemistry​Melton Center (Jewish Studies)
East Asian Studies​​​​Spanish and Portuguese​
​Foreign Language Center​​Undergraduate​
History​Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies​​
Honors Program​

Business (Fisher College of)
Fisher College of Business Undergraduate

Diversity and Inclusion (Office of)
Office of Diversity and Inc​lusion

Education and Human Ecology (College of)
​College of Education and Human Ecology
Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (College of)
College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
​School of Environment and Natural Resources​
​Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (School of)
​Athletic Training​Respiratory Therapy​
​Medical Dietetics​
Honors and Scholars
Honors and Scholars​
​International Affairs (Office of)
​External ​Undergraduate​
​Medicine (College of)
Biomedical Science​Occupational Therapy​
Medical Laboratory Science​
​Nursing (College of)
College of Nursing
Public Affairs (John Glenn College of)
John Glenn College of Public Affairs Undergraduate Scholarships
The John and Annie Glenn Undergraduate Scholarship
Public Health (College of)
College of Public Health

Social Work (College of)
​College of Social Work - Undergraduate​
​Student Life (Office of)
​Disability Services