​A scholarship is financial aid that does not have to be paid back. Scholarships have differing eligibility criteria and deadlines, so it is important that you read scholarship descriptions carefully.

Special scholarships

The university offers hundreds of scholarships with a wide variety of eligibility criteria. To apply each year, file the FAFSA and complete the ScholarshipUniverse application by the priority date of February 1.

ScholarshipUniverse is a scholarship-matching tool that simplifies the process of finding and applying for internal and external scholarships. Once you create your profile, ScholarshipUniverse will alert you to possible scholarship matches. You’ll need your Ohio State username and password — which you activate after you apply for admission — to get started. For more: go.osu.edu/scholarshipfaqs.

Departmental Scholarships

Many Ohio State college offices and departments offer scholarships or grants. Review departmental scholarships or consult your program for details.

To get the most from your scholarships, b​e sure to review our tips on managing your financial resources ​while in college.