Many colleges and departments have their own scholarship applications​​ that can be completed in addition to the Special Scholarships Application​ and the FAFSA​.  Regional Campus students should contact their home campus​ regarding additional scholarship resources.

​Departmental and College Scholarship Applications

​Arts and Sciences (College of) 
​Foreign Language Center​Honors Program​ (International Research)
GraduatePolitical Science (Graduate)
​History (Graduate)​​​​​Spanish and Portuguese​ (Graduate)

Diversity and Inclusion (Office of)
Office of Diversity and Inclusion

​Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (School of)
​Athletic Training​Respiratory Therapy​
Medical Dietetics​
​International Affairs (Office of)
​External ​Graduate
​Medicine (College of)
Biomedical Science​Occupational Therapy​
Medical Laboratory Science​
​Nursing (College of)
External Scholarships​Internal Scholarships​
Public Affairs (John Glenn College of)
​John Glenn College of Public Affairs (Graduate)
Social Work (College of)
​College of Social Work (Graduate)
​Student Life (Office of)
​Disability Services
Veterinary Medicine (College of)
College of Veterinary Medicine​